Manitou Forklift

Does your company have no access to an onsite forklift? Hinks Haulage has many Manitou Forklift trucks ready for your business to utilise.

Manitou Forklift Trucks

At Hinks Haulage, we are aware that not all sites have access to forklifts, so we have a solution for you! Vehicles with a Tail Lift and Manitou Forklift Trucks are available from us; they can be supplied for rigid vehicles as well as 13.5-meter trailers. This saves you time and money by enabling a more flexible delivery option that uses one bigger trailer load rather than two rigids.


Our Manitou Forklift Trucks are used for lifting and moving heavy loads in a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, and warehousing. Manitou forklift’s come in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications, ranging from small, compact models for indoor use to large, heavy-duty models for outdoor use. They are equipped with powerful engines and hydraulics that enable them to lift heavy loads to significant heights.

Manitou Trucks – Haulage & Logistics

At Hinks Haulage, we pride ourselves on our haulage and logistics company offering national, European and worldwide services. We have a versatile and flexible fleet, offering many solutions for you.

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Why Do You Need A Manitou Forklift?

Your site may need a Manitou forklift truck for several reasons...Hinks Haulage is here to help.

One of the most common reasons is for lifting and moving heavy loads, especially in industries such as construction, agriculture, and warehousing. Manitou forklift trucks are designed to handle heavy loads safely and efficiently, making them ideal for lifting and moving materials such as pallets, containers, and construction materials.

Another reason a site may need a Manitou forklift truck is to reach high areas or handle materials at elevated heights. Some models of Manitou forklift trucks are equipped with telescopic booms that can extend to significant heights, allowing them to reach materials at heights that are difficult to access using other types of equipment. This makes them useful in industries such as construction, where workers may need to work at heights to complete tasks. For example, installing roof panels or lifting materials onto the upper floors of a building.

Tailor Made Delivery Options

Hinks Haulage’s Manitou forklift trucks are versatile and can be used for a wide range of lifting and moving tasks, making them valuable assets for many different types of sites and industries.

Manitou Trucks Hinks Haulage

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